Escotal.com was established with the desire to help clients in the field of cyber security and computer training. We've accomplished this goal by providing the widest range of currently applicable training and cyber security consulting available. We do this with an approach that pays attention to detail and the unique needs of our clients.

Escotal.com works with individuals, small businesses and corporations from diverse backgrounds who want to become more knowledgeable about technology and how they can utilize it. Our goal is to give our clients the edge they need in a competitive market.


Jo Blitz A. Escotal, the founder of Escotal.com uses a proven methodology when training and consulting. He understands what you and your company needs in order to become successful.

SOME WORDS FROM Jo Blitz A. Escotal

Computer and Internet Technology has altered the business world forever. The resources available to us through the utilization of the PC and the World Wide Web eliminate wasted time and transform the average person's day into one of proficiency and productiveness. It is this opportunity for transformation that prompted me to share my extensive knowledge of the computer with others.

There is nothing as exhilarating as the exchange of skills and knowledge. My approach to this exchange has always been one of passion and enthusiasm. Witnessing the development of an individual or corporation's abilities into a superior command of IT skills confirms what I have always believed; Anything is possible with practice and discipline.

To impart a sense of mastery to others through Cyber Security Consulting and Computer Training is my mission and greatest joy in life. I hope to be there for you when you actualize your goals in the IT world. My wish is that this website will help you get there a little sooner.


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